Midland Realty

500k Down Payment Giveaway


Air Concepts 與美聯策動名為「估筍盤贏首期」的全港性遊戲!任何年滿18歲的香港市民,只要留意定時於網上發佈的「搵樓貼士」,透過「美聯筍盤」APP搵出3個指定「筍盤」,即有機會贏得高達50萬港元的置業首期﹗

As an integrated agency, we believe numbers, we read them and react in real-time. We believe data can be the most powerful tool in understanding your consumer’s behaviour to provide actionable insights and cross-channel tracking.

Client: Midland Realty
Creative, Social, Production: AIR
Media Planning: AIR

Impressions: 10M
Unique visitors: 112K
App in Business: Top 3
Downloads: more than 200%