Interactive Live Motion Tracking Billboard – Catch Duffy and Friends If You Can


Brand | Hong Kong Disneyland
Location | Taikoo Hui, Guangzhou & Futian Station, Shenzhen, China

Duffy & Friends are out and about to play with you – through our interactive Live Motion Tracking Billboards, installed in two high-traffic areas – Taikoo Hui, Guangzhou and Futian Station, Shenzhen, these billboards transformed the urban jungle into a playground for Duffy and Friends. The interactive billboards were designed to react to the movements of passersby. As people approach, Duffy and Friends playfully duck in and out of their hiding places, inviting everyone into a captivating game of chase. The catch? They’re always just a step ahead, creating an endless loop of fun, laughter and photo opportunity!

The campaign’s concept “Catch Duffy and Friends If You Can” was brought to life offering a delightful and unique interaction with fans. How to finally catch them? simply visit their home, Hong Kong Disneyland!

This campaign serves as a testament to realise every imagination and bring them to life through our ability to blend ideas and innovations together, creating unique and experiences for our target audience.

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Brand: Hong Kong Disneyland
Creative & Interactive Design: AIR, Jacquline Hung, Penny Lau, Patty Tang
Program Development: AIR, Kelvin Leung
Program Producer: Chloe Ho, Chloe Lau
Back Stage: Ken Hui