Our Royal invitation to YOU


Brand | Hong Kong Disneyland
Location | Tokyo, Japan and Seoul, South Korea

Queen Anna has entrusted her beloved ambassador, Olaf, to traverse the globe with a heartwarming invitation! Through the magic of our AR, Olaf journeys from the enchanting Arendelle to YOUR world, sharing joy and summoning friends to the grand celebration of Summer Snow Day at the #WorldOfFrozen in Hong Kong Disneyland!

In Japan’s tranquil Prince Shiba Park, escape the city’s flurry and share a delightful AR picnic with our cheerful snowman. With our innovative Visual Positioning System (#VPS) and SLAM, Olaf will seamlessly blend into your serene surroundings with the Royal invitation flying around the majestic Tokyo Tower, making every interaction with him as lifelike as a warm hug.

Next stop, Seoul’s Seokchon Lake! Cast your line alongside Olaf and reel in the fun as he fishes your invitation in AR. With advanced water surface detection and water wave simulation, get ready to snap a picture and make memories that will last a lifetime.

Let your imagination take flight as we harness the power of AR to bring Olaf right into your world. With just a tap of your screen, Olaf’s whimsical tour becomes a captivating reality, marrying the wonders of innovative tech with the charm of our favorite snowman.

We are so honoured to be part of this magical launch and bringing this never been done before experience to fans in Japan and Korea. This is just the beginning of AR experiences that transport you to different wonders of the world, stay tuned and connect with us for more!

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Brand: Hong Kong Disneyland
Creative & Interactive Design: AIR, Jacqueline Hung, Penny Lau, Fung Leung, Patty Tang, Emily Ng
Program Development: AIR, Kezman Hung, Richard Hui
Program Producer: Hebitz Lau, Chloe Ho, Chloe Lau
Back Stage: Ken Hui, Jonas Fung