Lee Gardens Hong Kong

AirTennis at Lee Gardens

Tennis is not a popular sport as Football or Basketball  in Hong Kong.
So how do we deliver the excitement of the upcoming Tennis Open 2016 to an audience who is unfamiliar with this sport? We collaborated with primary event sponsor, Lee Gardens – the biggest shopping complex in Hong Kong – to re-introduce tennis in a fresh new way.

We created the world’s first-ever game of VR Tennis in the air, engaging our fans in an intense game of tennis 30,000 ft above sea level. To simulate a real game of tennis, we incorporated wind and vibration effects so the entire experience felt as real as possible. In order to drive people to the mall, we created a mini-site for people to like act like serving a tennis. The longer they hit, the bigger prize they can get.

~2,000 matches and 4,000 people engaged in 2 weeks
~2,200 tennis ball printed and raised over $110k for HKTA
Over 1.6M views and 100k serves online
200% increase in conversion rate of e-coupon

Creative & Design: AIR
Information Architecture: AIR
Digital Production: AIR
Tennis Ball Printing Robot: AIR
VR Program Production: AIR
Rendering Production: ManyMany Creations