IFC Mall Hong Kong

Santa Academy 2018

ifc mall at Central Waterfront in Hong Kong is one of the iconic world-class shopping malls. With more than 200 stores featuring international premier brands, flagship stores and unique concept stores, ifc mall is the place to go for extraordinary shopping, dining and entertainment experiences.

The Brief

AIR was tasked with building an exciting one-month digital engagement program. The program was deployed at the ifc mall in Hong Kong to drive traffic to the pop-up event and the mall. In addition, one of the primary goals was to increase usage of ifc value-added services and offer fun and rewarding experiences for holiday shoppers. Using email, social media and strategically placed signage at locations around the mall, shoppers were directed to open a web app, register and then collect all the required stamps in order to receive rewards, coupons and sponsored merchandise.

The Challenges

ifc mall wanted to add excitement to their Santa Academy activities. In December 2018 they launched an exciting and expansive experience to visitors. This enabled ifc to stand out from holiday experiences at other malls. As part of the visitor experience, ifc wanted to increase traffic to retail sponsors and holiday attractions around the mall. The user experience needed to support a family participation experience (multi-player) with a web app (no mobile app) in less than 45 days for development, testing and launch.

The Solution

In December of 2018, ifc launched an exciting and expansive experience to visitors. AIR utilized SnowShoe Stamps in the Santa Academy mobile web experience as stamps were the fastest and most secure mobile authentication tool available to deploy in this rapid development project. A mobile webpage was developed as an e-handbook, guiding shoppers to explore different attractions and engagement activities of the popup event. After collecting all the stamps, customers were rewarded with different interactive game experiences.

The Successes

ifc was impressed with the virtual stamping solution utilizing SnowShoe Stamps. There was an increase in foot traffic, improved security, and lower infrastructure cost. Customers were happy to play along and get their stamps and found it amazing and more impressive than the old traditional card punch programs. The new program reduced the cost of printing real handbooks and is more environmentally friendly.

AIR’s Santa Academy promotion had over 8,000 shoppers participating in the one-month program with more than 30,000 stamping events. A remarkable amount of engagement from only 6 stamp stations with an average of 830 stamping events per day at each station.

Brand: IFC Hong Kong
Game Design & Production: AIR ConceptsChika Tsang, Penny Lau, In Chan, Yiu Tanying, Ngai Man Yan
Game Developers: Kezman Hung, Tony CcY
Hardware Developers: Wai Yin Or
Project Manager: Wunwun Ho, Charlotte Ho, Gary Ng
Video Production: ManyMany
Back Stage: Denny WongKen HuiMike Wu
Special Thanks to Models: NK Koo Chika Tsang Ngai Man Yan