Lancôme APAC

Chinese New Year 2019

Lancôme TR APAC ‘CNY Wish Big’ pop-up at Bangkok King Power Rangnam offers travellers to experience the festive retailtainments to celebrate Chinese New Year. The pop-up features a striking 10M long LED installation, which lets customers send their new year wishes into the sky, a boomerang photobooth that allows visitors to interact virtually with Lancôme products and another interactive game gives customers the chance to ‘catch’ floating Lancôme products on‐screen.

Brand: Lancôme APAC
Venue: King Power Shopping Complex Rangnam, Bangkok
Digital Creatives & Retailtainment Design: AIR Concepts Chika Tsang Chan In Penny Lau Yiu Tanying Ngai Man Yan
Developers: Kezman HungZoe Shu, Gary Ng, Tony Chau
Hardware Developers & Technician: Wai Yin Or
Integrated Producer: Wunwun Ho
Back Stage @AIR: Ken Hui Denny Wong Mike Wu