New Genifique APAC TR Launch

Lancôme New Genifique APAC Launch

It’s the 2nd year of the anniversary celebration of Genifique. With the new upgraded formula of the New Genifique. AIR has created and R&D multiple digital retailtainment ideas:

  1. Interactive Custom-built LED of a giant New  Genifique bottle
  2. Interactive projection education table power by object recognition
  3. Microbiome photobooth with multi-faces recognition
  4. Glasses-less 3D LED animation
  5. Serum tester machine with projection on your hands


Result: significant traffic generated and sale increased.

Brand: Lancôme Asia Pacific
Venue: Hysan Place, Hong Kong
Retailtainment Creative & UI Design: AIR Concepts In Chan Fung Leung Anna Lee Yiu Tanying
Video Creative: Jacqueline Hung, Yiu Tanying Ngai Man Yan
Copywriter: Penny LauNgai Man Yan
Game Developer: Tony CcY Kezman Hung
R&D + Hardware Developer: Wai Yin Or
Project management: Gary Ng Wunwun Ho Shek Yiu Chung Stone Charlotte Ho
Back Stage: Ken Hui Denny Wong