Giorgio Armani APAC

Happy New Year 2023 Interactive Extended Reality (XR)

Armani Beauty has partnered with China Duty Free Group (CDFG) to welcome the Year of the Rabbit with a dazzling, crimson pop-up at Haikou Mova Mall. An illuminated, ever-evolving Gingko Garden, which is inspired by traditional Chinese paintings and calligraphy, is the central focus of the Lunar New Year pop-up. AIR created the Travel-Retail-First Interactive Extended Reality (XR) experience to immerse consumers in the Armani Beauty Gingko Garden, when consumers can interact with the virtual Golden Rabbit by holding a physical paint brush in hand. Customers can also download the unique XR experience as a video clip and spread the blessings on social media platforms.

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Brand: Giorgio Armani APAC
Creative & Game Design: AIR, Fung Leung, Jacqueline Hung, Penny Lau, Marco Liu, Ray Chan, Lung Wong
Game Development: AIR, Tony Chau, Eric Lo
Game Producer: Gary Ng, Chloe Ho, Chloe Lau
Back Stage: Ken Hui