Lancôme APAC

Create Happiness Wherever You Go

This CNY, Lancôme Travel Retail Asia Pacific has joined forces with China Duty Free Group to light up Hainan with the ‘Create Happiness Everywhere You Go’ takeover. Under the theme ‘Together, we bloom into happiness’, the iconic Lancôme rose was reinterpreted into a series of visually striking, hi-tech activations around the pop-up.

Visitors began the journey by creating a unique ‘AI Generated Lancôme Digital Rose Art’, all generated by AIR self-developed and TR-first Algorithm Art Generator and over 3,000+ unique Lancôme roses were created.

Visitors were then drove from O2O by continuing the journey at the ‘Immersive AI Rose Garden’, where they could immerse in the world of Lancôme roses. By scanning the visitors’ personal code, their unique AI generated rose were brought alive in front of their eyes for them to take a photo with.

The pop-up also showcased the ‘Lancôme Rose Art Photo Spot’, where visitors could hold and swing the physical rose prop to manipulate the digital rose pattern on screen, while taking a photo. The passers-by can also participate by standing in front of the ‘Interactive Blooming Wish Wall’, to receive a CNY blessing by Lancôme.

The immersive Lancôme Blooming Rose pop-up experience was a great success and has once again marked several firsts for the brand!

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Brand: Lancôme APAC
Creative & Game Design: AIR, Fung Leung, Jacqueline Hung, Penny Lau, Marco Liu, Patty Tang, Ray Chan, Emily Ng, Lung Wong
Game Development: AIR, Tony Chau, Eric Lo, Kelvin Leung
Game Producer: Gary Ng, Chloe Ho, Chloe Lau
Back Stage: Ken Hui