[ by-air ] “Learn on the Go” AR Test Project

Our Imagination: At the heart of this new venture, “Learn on the Go,” lies a vivid imagination—a vision of merging the thrill of travel with the power of education. We imagined a world where children can touch the ancient stones of Rome or roam the savannas of Africa, all fueled by curiosity and the desire to learn. It’s this boundless imagination that inspired us to turn every destination into a living storybook.

Our Idea: The central idea of “Learn on the Go” is to create an educational platform that transforms the world into an interactive classroom. This project is founded on the belief that learning should be engaging, accessible, and fun. By integrating tales of history, splashes of art, and the intricacies of different cultures into a digital landscape, we’re crafting an idea that will change how families experience and interact with the world around them.

Our Innovation: The backbone of “Learn on the Go” is cutting-edge AR technology blended with capabilities of both Geospatial Creator and Photorealistic 3D Tiles to create an exceptional immersive experience that blends the real and the educational. This innovation allows learners to embark on historical quests, solve cultural puzzles, and gain knowledge through a hands-on approach that digital natives will find both natural and exciting.

End Result: “Learn on the Go” is designed to nurture a new wave of global citizens, eager for knowledge and ready to engage with the world. It’s the beginning of a new era of Ed-venture – aim to blend education with discovery, creating not just informed learners, but inspired thinkers poised to make a difference. With this initiative, we’re not just expanding horizons—we’re sharpening minds for a brighter, more connected future.

[ by air ] series, a collaboration between the Creative and Tech team at AIR, is dedicated to turning all imaginations – even from wild to crazy ones, into reality through the power of creativity and technology.

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Brand: AIR
Imagined by: Jacqueline Hung, Penny Lau, Fung Leung, Hebitz Lau
Program Development: AIR, Cambo Kwan, Tony Chau, Gary Ng
3D visual: Richard Hui
Program Producer: Hebitz Lau
Back Stage: 
Ken Hui, Denny Wong, Jonas Fung