[ by-air ] Over the Moon Celebration! – AI x AR Experience

Imagination: Connecting Through the Moon
What if we can put our wishes directly on the moon this Mid-Autumn, no matter what and no matter where you are?  Introducing [ by air-FB002 ]: where we invite you to cast your imagination to the sky and personalise the moon that unites us all.

Idea: AI and AR Fusion
Harnessing the synergy of Generative AI and Augmented Reality (AR), AIR’s platform lets users craft moons from words. The idea is simple yet profound: “No matter the distance, the same moon connects us.” This interactive experience brings our lunar visions to life, bridging gaps and creating togetherness.

Innovation: From Text to Moonlight
The innovation lies in the simplicity of the experience. Users input text descriptions into a Generative AI system, which then renders these descriptions into visual images of the moon. AR technology brings these creations into the real world, projecting them into the night sky for users to see and share. The result is a highly personalised moon, shining brightly for friends and family to enjoy, no matter where they are.

Result: Birth of a new-age tradition
The project culminates in a digital celebration of the Mid-Autumn Festival that transcends physical boundaries. Users can send and receive moons imbued with messages and memories. By simply pointing their smartphones towards the sky, they can see a moon tailored to their imagination, share it with loved ones, and capture the moment in a photo, creating a new tradition for an age-old festival.

[ by air ] series, a collaboration between the Creative and Tech team at AIR, is dedicated to turning all imaginations – even from wild to crazy ones, into reality through the power of creativity and technology.

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Brand: AIR
Imagined by: Fung Leung, Bowie Lee
Program Development: AIR, Kezman Hung
Program Producer: Hebitz Lau
Back Stage: Ken Hui, Denny Wong, Jonas Fung